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Crochet Fashion Designer, Tracey Sykes-Ambrose, began crocheting at a very young age of 7 or 8 years of age. A family member showed her basic chain link stitch which led into crocheting blankets and hair accessories. She continued to crochet those items until she got bored and tired of storing incomplete projects/blankets in her closet. In her early years, Tracey realized she did not have the patience to finish a blanket which lessened her excitement to continue to crochet anything.

“My interest in the art of crocheting was sparked again 15 years later” Tracey says. During her early college years, Tracey had a part time job where her supervisor showed her how to crochet a scarf. This introduced Tracey to wearable fashion through the art of crocheting. “I discovered, it wasn’t the lack of interest, but the lack of VISION. Although I was very appreciative by the teachings of this art, I didn’t relate to it or feel a connection until I BELIEVED in the VISIONS of fashionable patterns given to me. Footnote… Tracey did not have the skills to read patterns; she created her designs by sight or visions she would receive out of “nowhere”.

Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. (formerly known as W.R.A.P.) began in the summer of 2004 when she crocheted an oversized scarf/wrap as a gift to a former manager as a going away gift, and the rest is truly history. From that point on, other employees around the office wanted a scarf/wrap for themselves or as a gift to family/friends. A co-worker gave her the ultimate compliment by stating that the crocheted items looked as though they came from a boutique or “high end” store/boutique! The same co-worker stated that Tracey should decide on a business name. Therefore, Tracey came up with W.R.A.P. initially because it described the item (wrap and scarves as well as a deeper meaning to why the business exists (With Revelation and Purpose).

During the summer of 2005, Tracey began to strategically plan a W.R.A.P. (with revelation and purpose) party her house during November of the same year. The “W.R.A.P.” party was such a surprising success, with only selling scarves/wraps at the time, she decided to host another in December and did just as well! But the month of December 2005 signifies the launch of showcasing her items in a local boutique! A simple email to a friend (who owned a boutique) almost harassed Tracey for the new items, bolero/shrug sweater. From January 2006 to 2009 was absolutely FANTABULOUS. Three boutiques (Darla’s Closet/Lancaster CA, Fitz Couture/Cyber Boutique, and Heaven Simone/Inglewood CA) were showcasing selected items by Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. In addition to the designer’s showcase opportunities, Tracey Ambrose also launched her own website/online boutique, participated in multiple collaborations as a vendor (such as Hey Girlfriend Network and Mocha Moms Inc), and in-store/boutique Fashion Show and Runway coordinator for local boutique owners. Yes, it was a lot of work but Tracey was quoted as saying “to whom much is given, much is required.”

Several chain of events, human hiccups, divorce, and youngest son newly diagnosis of Asperger/high functioning Autism/on the Spectrum, this momprenuer mother of two boys took a well deserved designer hibernation during 2011 to 2018. During the highs of her designing career, Tracey Sykes-Ambrose of Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. was forced to re-direct all her attention towards her personal life. Although Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. would temporarily put down her crochet hooks and donate bundles of yarn to other crocheters and Salvation Army, God and His Divinely appointed spiritual focus group (hundreds of supporting customers) continued to keep Tracey in prayer and asked repeatedly, “when are you coming back?”

Seven years later (the number 7 spiritual definition is COMPLETION) in November 2018, Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. emerged from hibernation with a vengence introducing a new item strategically named “Showin Out” Tote. Once Tracey posted this item on social media (IG @traceyambrosewrap, FB Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P.) it was like she had never left the fashion world. Quickly, Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. followed up with another popular item named “Lotus” Specialty Handbag which caught the attention of a local boutique in the city of Inglewood, Shoe Fanatix Boutique (Lotus Specialy Handbag is now sold at Shoe Fanatix Boutique/in-store). Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P. is Classy Chic Crochet, slightly bohemian eclectic, and runway ready.

“I am forever grateful and do not take for granted the vision God has given me. The visions are the patterns of each item.” Galatians 6:9

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Tracey Ambrose W.R.A.P.
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