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SheiLa Strickland

Sheila Strickland

My name is SheiLa Strickland and I am from Clinton, MD. I am 23 years old and I have always been a hands-on crafty girl. I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was younger, but never learned how to use a sewing machine. It was a dream that I soon forgot about, but throughout my life I have always loved crafts, like drawing, painting, and doing D.I.Y projects.

My desire to knit and crochet came out of nowhere. About two years ago, I woke up one morning and my hands were feeling crafty, but I wanted to learn something new. I got on YouTube and searched “how to knit” and found a bunch of beginners tutorials on how to knit. I went to Walmart and bought some knitting needles and yarn and started working on my first project, a scarf. It was all she wrote from there. I knew I had found my passion. I fast forwarded the beginner stage and went straight to knitting bikini tops and other clothing. I was picking up the craft very fast and wanted to test my skills.

A couple of months later, I felt like I should also pick up crocheting too. Crocheting seemed to have a little bit more versatility in it when it came to patterns and making clothes. I liked working with the one hook instead of two needles more. I was making major clothing projects within my first couple of weeks of crocheting, it just felt so natural to me and I loved every bit of it. It took me by no surprise that all I wanted to make was clothing because my dream as a young girl was to be a fashion designer. This was my way of designing outfits, not with fabric but with yarn and every stitch was handmade so, to me, it was better than a sewing machine.

I started my business brand TeréCrochetwear a couple of months after learning to crochet. It has been successful and I have a lot of supportive clients that test my skills with different projects. Clothes will always be my first passion, but I will create anything just for the joy of crafting.

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TeréCrochetwear is a mix of cute and sexy women’s wear clothing. I love fun colors and making clothing that show just a little bit of skin. My main clientele consists of 18-35 year old women.

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