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Iowan Stone Flowers

Iowan Stone-Flowers

All items are hand crocheted by my hands and my hands alone.
I was taught how to crochet when I was around nine years old by my mother. Over the years I have stopped and picked it back up a few times. I took a beginner’s course for crocheting as a refresher that was being taught by Stacie Jackson at the Southwest Arts Center here in Atlanta, GA in the fall of 2017. Needless to say, it woke up a beast in me. I love to crochet hats, shawls, scarves as well as expanded my creations to crochet on hand painted canvas.

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EyeYo Hooks & Loops
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Custom made shawls, hats, hoodies, cowls, scarves, and messenger/tote bags.

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Iowan Stone-Flowers DESIGNS