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Celeste Turner

Celeste Turner

Hello My name is Celeste Turner, I am 44 years old. I was born in Racine, Wisconsin. I love crocheting. It all started with just an interest, and sign from that man up above. I didn’t know a thing about crocheting or even pick up a hook, for all it matters. I’ve been wanting to learn and was having a strong desire to start now, but didn’t know where to start! Until driving down the street with the dear husband, and it was a dumpster full of things from a house that burned down. And there in all the burned rubble, sitting in the sunlight, on top of all that heap, was a bag of yarn. I had the hubby climbed to the top to get it for me.. and he told me, before he dumpster dove. “If I get this bag of yarn outta this trash, you better make something”. I’ve always been a crafter starting projects and leave them soon after. So with this new bag of smelly yarn and a 5mm hook my journey begin. I started out only making stinky scarves for my whole house hold, then it graduated to hats and baby blankets. I never thought I’d be crocheting clothes! I moved to Atlanta, Georgia a year ago and with this new place of residence, sparked a new love for crocheting. That’s when I started making clothing. Some of my things did not turn out how it looked in my head, but with my daughter being my model and not giving up. I made tops, then bottoms… then whole outfits. So here I am today, a designer in the Strands fiber fashion showcase.

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Celestial Crochet
about my brand

My clothing line is a trendy, colorful casual line that you can wear to a special event, or just a night on the town.

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