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Anita Hairston

Anita Hairston

The Art of crochet came calling for Anita Hairston at an early age, born in Greensboro, NC she learned the technique from her Aunt. Taking what she learned, Anita enfolded this passion for crochet with her love for creativity and fashion yet riveting and innovative designs for the faithful fashion. Inspired by trending fashion Anita has always began with an idea into a design ( such as a sketch) and specified how that design should be made into an actual piece of clothing. Anita’s unique, chic, design’s hold a special place in the world. Her talent and vision not only plays a major role in how her clients look, but they have also made a mark of contributions to the cultural and social environment of Fashion made from a strand of fiber. Establishing Fashion In Fashion Out in 2013, Anita has participated in various fashion shows, created flawless new designs, and mentored fellow designers. Anita looks to take her crochet designing skills further by establishing events, and conventions within the crochet fashion community. Her haute, culture collection is dedicated to all clients that walk and speak Fashion and represents a certain philosophy created to make a statement and leave a mark to be known.

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Fashion In Fashion Out
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My fashion line is unique, innovative and full of creativity.

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