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Aisha Frazier

Aisha Frazier

I make Unique, Handmade, and Sexy Bathing Suits, Clothing, Custom Jewelry and much more. My journey began at the age of 10. Years later, I created my first swimsuit for a friend. I had no intention in selling it, but she purchased it from me and that is when the movement of Essential Essences Crochet began.

My biggest inspiration is my family. My husband has supported my business for over 20 years. My kids inspire me to do my best. I collaborated with small businesses throughout Georgia and advertise my work through online sites like Etsy, Facebook and Instagram. My work has been featured in magazines from here to my hometown of Philadelphia. I have showcased my work in numerous Fashion shows and my customer market ranges all across the world from Vegas to New York and even out to Australia.
Throughout the years, I am growing on this journey of perfecting my craft. I love what I do so and can’t wait to expand even more. My motto is Happiness, Love and Abundance and I incorporate that is all I do. I am Aisha Frazier of Essential Essences Crochet and More.

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Essential Essences Crochet
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My fashion line is a combination of swimwear and urban wear.

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