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Itz Appropriate Candles

We are a family owned business that has been establish since 1999. It began as little hobby or just having something interesting to do along with out infamous smells of exotic oils, incenses and skin care products. We actually began having more interests in building a business when we saw one of richest community our home town dwindle to the hands of politics. It was the actual pre-face of gentrification. My husband desire to be a difference and helping the community grow instead of vanishing. So he started our business as being community advocates for voting, helping single fathers and mothers with transitioning from prison to work life. As husband and wife we thrive to win in all we do. We just never give up even when we truly felt like it. In the end we realize we can light up the room when we arrive to any occasion. We are just confident as a woman and a man, and in who we are. This didn’t always reflect in what we found in the community, the community just seem to be losing its collective efforts to the greed of politics. We as a power couple needed to find ways to help our community become confident.

Aha and Kimya Ausar

My name is Kimya Ausar, I am the curator and owner to Itz Appropriate Candles. We have been established since 1999. Created the business from simply having a hobby that nourish my family and the community I grew up in. Me and my husband built this vision on the manifestation our children will
become more to just a statistic in their environment. We believe our culture drives the forces of the world. Our culture created many things that came from building boats, picking cotton, to the inventors and innovators of all time. To continue this legacy of our ancestors That was robbed from character and integrity, our line of all natural conversation body care products, the essential need of aroma to homes which provided the therapy very heart deserves.

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