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Bonnie’s Custom Tailoring

Bonnie’s Custom Tailoring

Bonnie’s Custom Tailoring was created in 2018 by a woman named Jemielle McMillan. Jemielle
taught herself how to sew in 2017 because she was a struggling college student who could not afford new clothing and accessories. She decided to adjust, redesign and alter her clothing to give herself a fresh new look during her college years. The business was done to create a new, expressive and inexpensive clothing, accessories and decorative pillows. Bonnie’s Custom Tailoring will be selling reversible silk bonnets and durags to add a little beauty to any one’s sleepwear. Jemielle is currently attending Clark Atlanta University and has a hard belief in the grind and determination of a black entrepreneur. Her goal is to one day be able to provide an opportunity for young girls and boys that want to start a brand from the ground up.

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Bonnie’s Custom Tailoring